Citi Tradeline

★★★★★ 5 out of 5
A credit card with a button below to buy tradelines.

$820 $500 per month
***3 months minimum commitment required

Long History

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AvailabilitySold Out!
Payment Status100% on-time
UtilizationLess than 20%
Expected Reporting TimelineDec 23rd - Jan 2nd
Average Reviewer Increase104 points
(individual results may vary)


  • This Citi tradeline has a strong payment history since 1993 and a $4,000 limit.

Why Buy this Tradeline?

  • If you lack a strong payment history or low utilization, this card can help enhance your credit profile.
  • Fast report cycle.


Customer Reviews

+148 pts Boosted my credit score 148pts. ★★★★★
Working with Porsha was great! My score went up 148pts in one month. I will recommend her services. If your looking to boost your score I suggest going with Tadelineworks!

+128 pts 128 Point Fico Score Increase ??? ★★★★★
First, I want to thank Porscha again for her advice and guidance about when and which tradeline to get for my particular profile and it worked as expected. When the tradeline posted my fico score only went up a few points because I had 4 charge offs, which is why it is imperative to have all your negative accounts removed first before adding tradelines, for me I knew the negative accounts were coming off soon so it was just me waiting for that and once the charge off were deleted my fico score went up 128 points!!! From 683 to 811!!! I was super satisfied with the results of this tradeline and immediately after I began applying for the things I needed, I was able to get a few high limit credit cards, auto loan, and business loan so I would recommend anyone to get a tradeline when you plan on making any big purchases or applications but most importantly you have to trust the process and make sure all the negative accounts are gone first or else it won't be a big benefit for you.

Maya Lezandra
+31 pts Exceptional Service ★★★★★
Porsha was very informative and straightforward about the entire process from start to finish. She helped me choose the best tradeline to enhanced my credit profile. My Fico Score went up 31 points in less than two weeks! The customer service was exceptional, fast and friendly! I would highly recommend her services to everyone I meet!

+23 pts Exceptional product ★★★★★
Tradeline works did a phenomenal job. I was in the process of refinancing my house and their product secured financing. I owe them a great deal.

+103 pts Best Tradeline Company Ever! ★★★★★
Great, personalized customer service. Porsha matches trade lines to maximize the opportunity for you to meet your individual financial goals. This really works, score went up 103 points and I started receiving personalized invitations to apply for credit in the mail. I would not use any other trade line company. This is where you need to be if you want to improve your credit profile.

+118 pts Unmatched commitment to helping others ★★★★★
They have been nothing but helpful including late-night calls, even on New Year's Eve! They're goals are clearly to help my scores improve and not a money grab. We've evaluated many options, discussed repair options, and all told, my scores have gone up 118 points (Equifax) and 78 points (TransUnion). This has been absolutely worth the money spent.

+179 pts Amazing service ★★★★★
Prosha is very knowledgeable and guides you in the right direction. Just following what was said to be I’ve increased my score by 179 points and put myself is a very his approval rate.

How to Get a Tradeline

Getting started is easy. You can buy tradelines in 5 simple steps.

01.Complete a Credit Analysis (optional but recommended)

02. Hit the Buy Now Button Above, Checkout and Create a Free Buyers Account

03.Confirm your Registration and Add Your Personal Details

04. Seller Adds You to the Tradeline

05. View Confirmation Screenshot and Practice Excellent Credit Habits

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15 Yrs 2 Mos
Jan 5th - Jan 15th
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