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How Do Tradelines Work From A-Z

How Do Tradelines Work?

A tradeline is an existing account that adds good credit history to your credit report.

It’s the same concept of having your friends or family add you as an authorized user to their account.

You probably didn’t know that anyone can add you as an authorized user.

There are people with excellent credit willing to add you to their good credit history temporarily.

Once you’re added to the account, the established history will appear on your credit, so you wouldn’t have to spend several years building your credit.

Since the card history transfers to your report, it could give you the boost you need to achieve your own financial goals.

Case Study – How Do Tradelines Work?

The FICO algorithm uses over 100 data points to calculate your credit score and risk. However, there are five main factors you need to keep in mind.

Each of these factors is like a grade.

Credit score pie chart showing what makes up your credit score.

And the goal of the tradeline is to increase your credit score grade for each of the five categories.

MeaningA gradeB gradeC gradeD gradeF grade

Tradeline Profile – Meet Jada

A tradeline profile is someone without established credit history and less than two negative items on your report. These profiles have the most credit score impact and benefit from adding a tradeline.

Credit Grade Before Tradeline Credit Grade After Tradeline 

Her overall grade increased from a C to a B. So, she’s was the perfect candidate for a tradeline!

Before Tradeline

After Tradeline


Tip: Figuring out the right tradeline is vital. See our next step section below to get started.

Are you ready to get started?

Credit Repair Profile – Meet Lindsay

Credit repair profiles have several negative and positive items on their report. 

Credit Grade Before Tradeline Credit Grade After Tradeline 

So, her profile is unlikely to benefit from a tradeline because she has a handful of negative accounts. 

Tip: If you fall in this category, first complete credit repair by removing the negative items from your report.

Combination Profile – Meet Sebastian

A combination profile needs both credit repair and tradeline. These profiles typically have significant bad credit with few positive accounts on their credit report.

They may need to get help from a credit repair company or apply credit repair techniques to improve their current credit situation.

Credit Grade Before Tradeline Credit Grade After Tradeline 

Before Tradeline

After Tradeline


Tip: You should only get a tradeline in the combination credit profile on or after you’ve started credit repair, and you have a short time frame of 3-4 months to get to your target score.

Are you more like Jada, Lindsay, or Sebastian? If you’re still not sure, we’ve got the perfect tool to help you figure it out.

Is your profile a good fit for a tradeline?

How to Buy Tradelines to Boost Credit Score

A man looking at a graph
You complete our credit analysis
A women with shopping bags showing excitment
You purchase a tradeline
We add you to the account

Getting started is simple! 

  1. Tell us about your goals
  2. Answer a few questions about your credit file
  3. We’ll match you with the 3 best options based on your credit file and budget
  4. Select an option and checkout securely online
  5. Complete your account creation process and upload your IDs

We’ll add you to the card and you’ll get a confirmation email for your records.

Keep in mind that you wouldn’t receive a card in the mail, but we’ll add the account to your credit report, and it will show up in a few weeks.

Your credit could benefit from the card age, perfect payment history, and credit limit so you could get to your goals sooner.

Ready to put tradelines to work for you?