All You Need to Know About Wholesale Tradelines

You probably came across ‘wholesale tradelines’ and were a bit confused as to what it meant? Does it mean you’re buying trade lines in bulk at a lower price? Or is it just a common marketing tactic tradeline companies use? 

Well, you’re about to find out! Continue reading to learn more.

What is a Tradeline or Wholesale Tradelines for Sale?

Tradeline is an account that appears on your credit report. It is shown on your credit report as the mortgages, car loans, credit cards, and credit activities the lenders approved.

People with poor credit scores could ask to become an authorized user on someone else’s account whose credit history is good in an attempt to improve their own credit score.

This practice is commonly known as piggybacking credit.

Not many people have trusted family members that will agree to let them become an authorized user on their card. Which led to tradeline companies to get established as another option for people like you to buy tradelines

Are Wholesale Trade Lines a Scam?

When we hear the word ‘wholesale’, we tend to think of something that is sold in large quantities at low prices to a retailer so that they could resell to the end customers. However, that isn’t always the case. 

Unlike CPN tradelines that are a scam and illegal, wholesales are more of a marketing gimmick. 

In the credit tradelines world, some companies use the word ‘wholesale’ to simply mean cheap or discounted, while others use it in its traditional sense, buying tradelines for sale in bulk.

Are Wholesale Tradelines Really Cheaper?

Most of the time the word ‘wholesale tradelines’ is used as part of a marketing scheme to lure customers rather than offer any actual discounts.

The prices are usually even more expensive than other trade lines that aren’t wholesale.

For example, we found a paid tradeline listed on a trade line company site for $1,312.50 with a 30% discount when you purchase tradeline packages. Your total cost after the discount is $918.75.

However, you can get similar primary tradelines with the length of history and credit age for around $775. 

Would you rather pay $918.75 with a discount or $775 without a discount for a tradeline of similar benefit?

OptionsDiscountFinal Retail Price
Comparing the cost of a wholesale tradeline with a discount to its alternative.

A common marketing tactic by tradeline companies is to have you pay more for tradelines.

At Tradeline Works, we believe in transparency and in our opinion, one quality tradeline is better than multiple sub-par tradelines. See our list of tradelines to boost your credit score.

How about Tradeline Broker Programs for Wholesale Tradelines?

Some tradeline companies offer broker programs where you can be a member to learn how tradelines work so you can become a seller.

Once a member, you would receive training about what selling tradelines involves, and even gain access to “good tradeline deals”.

This could be another common marketing tactic used by tradeline companies since they offer discounts on tradelines to their broker program members.

However, this is usually a wash or could cost the seller or partner more money in the long run because of the high fees to join the broker program. Be sure to check the price after discounts to see if it is actually cheaper than to do business that way.

We currently do not offer a broker program at Tradeline Works because we do not believe it’s the best value for our clients. See the next section on how you can partner with us and earn money selling tradelines.

How to Sell Trade Lines

There are two main ways you could sell tradelines: 

  1. Sell your own credit account
  2. Be a tradeline reseller

Sell your Own Credit Account

If you have a high credit score, sell your tradelines as a way to earn income. There are two ways to go about this process – on your own, or through a tradeline company.

The downside to selling a tradeline on your own is you have to do all the work involved with finding tradeline buyers and the constant follow up. Alternatively, you could ask to become a credit partner for a tradeline company.

At Tradeline Works, we take the hassle out of the process for both buyers and partners. Buyers can rest assured that all sellers are vetted before they’re added to our platform, and sellers/partners don’t have to worry about a lot of the administrative tasks associated with how to sell tradelines

The process is quite simple. The customer would pay to become an authorized user on your account and will usually stay there for 1-3 months. Once the time frame is up, the seller removes the authorized user and adds a new one. 

Tradeline Reseller

As a tradeline reseller, you are reselling wholesale trade lines you purchased from a tradeline company. When you sign up to be a partner with a tradeline company, they’ll give you access to trade lines that you could sell to clients. Using tradelines bought from tradeline companies is a great way to start a tradeline business without the infrastructure cost.

How Can You Make Money Selling Tradelines?

There are different types of income you’ll get by selling tradelines. Firstly, you could get commissions by selling your tradeline with a tradeline company. 

Secondly, as a retailer, you tend to buy wholesale tradelines at a lower price and make money off the price difference between how much you paid for the tradeline and how much a client pays you for the tradeline.

Risks in Selling Tradelines

Although tradelines are legal, some credit card companies don’t support selling tradelines. Check the terms of service of your credit card company thoroughly beforehand.

Also, most banks allow 5 authorized users per card. However, more than 2 authorized users on your account trigger a fraud alert. Therefore, you must keep track of the number of authorized users you are adding. 

If you’re not careful, you’d risk having your credit cards shut down – leading to losing your established credit history. 

Which Companies Sell Reliable Wholesale Tradelines?

We recommended that you only purchase wholesale tradelines from reliable companies. Here’s a list of things to ensure the company you purchase tradeline from meets these standards at a minimum.

  • Is the company registered with the state? If not, it’s a red flag.
  • Do the founders have other certifications in the industry? Since there is no certification needed to start a tradeline company, ensure they founders have other certifications in the financial industry e.g. an investment advisor license, credit repair license, law license, accounting license.
  • Does the company have positive reviews? Reading customer reviews so you can see what other people’s experience can help you know if this is the right tradeline company for you.
  • Can you reach a human being? You may have questions and need to talk to someone so having access to a customer service person to answer your questions is important.

Tradeline Works meets the above requirements and exceeds them by putting our customers first. We value your privacy and security so all your personal information is encrypted.

We insist on the highest standard that no other tradeline company comes close to and it’s because we want to earn and keep your trust. 

Improve Credit Scores Without Trade Lines

Aside from buying tradelines to improve a credit score, there are other things you can do now to get your score moving in the right direction. Most of these strategies involve improving your financial habits.

Pay Your Debt On Time

Payment history is the most influential factor in your credit score. Therefore paying your bills on time helps keep your score in good shape. 

Reduce Your Debts Balance

Paying down debts definitely helps with your score. A good way to do it is to make smaller payments throughout the month that equal or exceed your minimum payment or total balance. This would maintain your credit utilization ratio at a lower than when you delay until your payment due date.

Check for Credit Report Inaccuracies

Sometimes there are certain errors on your credit report that may cause your score to be lower. For example, you made a payment on time but were marked late. It is recommended that you order a free credit report every 12 months from the credit bureaus. It’s free!

Develop Good Credit Habits

Having a budget and spending only the amount of money you have in your bank account is essential to having a good credit habit. You’ll learn to live within your means and that translates into habits such as paying 100% of your debt on time so you can reach and maintain a good credit score.

Wholesale Tradelines Reviews – FAQs

What is a wholesale tradeline?

A wholesale tradeline tends to mean a trade line that isn’t sold to the end customer but to someone like a retailer who would then resell to the customer. It could also be used to mean cheap or low-priced tradeline for marketing purposes.

Are tradelines worth it?

Adding tradelines to your credit account is an effective way to boost your credit score. Try out our credit tradeline calculator to see if your credit profile is a good fit.

Are tradelines illegal?

Tradelines are legal. However, as not all companies endorse selling trade lines, it is helpful that you check the terms of service of your credit card company beforehand.

How do I buy primary tradelines?

To purchase tradelines, you should find a reliable tradeline selling company and contact them for more details. It could be done online, via the phone, or face-to-face. It is recommended that you do research to make sure the company is legitimate.

How can I get free tradelines?

A way to get free trade lines is to ask a close one for you to become an authorized user on their credit account. However, make sure they have 100% on-time payment and less than 15% utilization to benefit from this strategy. You can learn more about your tradeline for sale ultimate guide.

Bottom Line

To sum up, an important thing to consider when you’re buying wholesale trade lines is to go for the offer with the lowest final price, not the ones with large discounts that turn out to be more expensive.

Also, you should only buy from reliable trade line companies and check with your credit card company to see if they let you sell tradelines to avoid your card being shut down.

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