Credit Tradelines for Sale: Use this Strategy to Boost your Score

Do you need tradelines for sale? If you want to boost your credit or look to purchase a tradeline to boost your score, this is the place. We have a simple guide that will teach you to find the tradeline that’s just right for you.

You’ll learn how to find a tradeline, where to buy one, and what not to do when buying your tradeline. We also have tips on how to maximize the impact of the tradeline on your credit score! If you’re looking for tradelines for sale or want more information about them – we’ve got it all here!

Tradeline for Sale: How to Find a Tradeline & Not Get Scammed

When looking for tradelines to boost your credit score, be aware of scam artists trying to sell them. They may post their service on online classified sites with offers that sound too good to be true. If it sounds like an impossibly good deal, it probably isn’t worth taking the risk!

If you’re looking to buy tradelines with established history from a reputable company, it’s not the cheapest option, but the investment is worth it in the end. Remember: you get what you pay for.

Why consider Tradelines for Sale from a 5+ Rated company?

Put simply, a tradeline is a credit account, and it offers insight into your credit habits to lenders or creditors. Some of the info includes:

  • total payment history
  • available credit and balance owed
  • the account status (open, closed, collection, charge-off, etc.)
  • credit age or opened date
  • account type

Great credit can help with the mundane because it impacts a vital part of our lives. For example, people with good credit scores are more likely to qualify for an apartment, mortgage, or car loan than someone with a fair or low FICO score.

Tradelines 101: Getting tradelines.

Credit tradeline information form

Getting a credit account is crucial to building a solid credit score. Once you apply, the lender may perform its due diligence and ensure that you’re worth lending money to. If they approve your account, then congratulations! You’ll get your very first tradeline on your credit report.

With proper credit habits such as making your payments on time, your score will increase over time. Here’s the challenge: sometimes people don’t have years to wait for their credit score to increase, and a difference between credit scores in the 600s vs. the 700s can make a difference between qualifying for that dream home or car.

However, not everyone has the time or inclination to work on their credit score from scratch. If you’re like many people who don’t have the time for this long process, there’s hope! Meet authorized user tradelines that offer a quick boost with no hard credit pulls (without affecting someone else’s).

What are authorized user tradelines?

Traditionally, parents can add their children as authorized users to their credit cards. The children do not have any responsibility, but they get payment history made over time by that card!

As a result, your kid’s score shoots through the roof like you wouldn’t believe (assuming mom or dad has an excellent credit history) – just because they got their hands on such a fantastic opportunity early in life.

You might ask yourself, “why should this credit strategy be limited to only children or family members?” The answer – it isn’t! In the industry, it’s also referred to as credit piggybacking.

Tradeline for Sale – How it works!

Here’re 2 case studiesof before and after comparisons to understand how authorized user’s tradeline credit secrets work.

Before Tradeline

After Tradeline


Before Tradeline

After Tradeline


Tradelines for Sale, here’s the trick.

There’s no limit to who a parent can add as an authorized user on their credit card. As a result, parents have the opportunity to add just about anyone they choose, including strangers.

When it comes down to it, though, some people don’t have access to family members with good enough credit history for this opportunity – but there are alternatives!

It is called tradelines for sale.

Tradelines for sale are a powerful way to increase your credit score. For those of you looking into tradelines (or adding yourself as an authorized user onto someone else’s account), here’s how these work in a nutshell:

  1. You pay the holder of that tradeline in exchange for borrowing their high credit rating.
  2. They add you as an authorized user to their card.
  3. The account shows up on your credit report in 15 – 45 days

Since the history of that account is added to your credit report, you want to make sure the account holder is someone with good standing before taking this route! If you’re interested in buying tradelines, reading up on best practices first might not hurt!

Pro Tip: If you got denied for auto loans or primary tradelines because you don’t have enough positive payment history, adding aged seasoned tradelines to your credit report will help address that concern from lenders.

Why wouldn’t you give this proven credit strategy a try?

Buying tradelines for sale.

The process of buying tradelines can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to feel like a daunting task.

If you’re not sure where to start with your search for reputable companies, don’t worry! Here are some tips that should help while shopping so you can have the best buying experience: 

1. What is their online reputation?

If you’re looking for a legitimate tradeline source, take heed of the advice from experts.

First and foremost, look at their online reputation – are they known to be shady, or do people have great things to say about them? Don’t just look at the surface of what they say, but also explore how other customers feel about them as well! Do they seem reputable with great reviews on Google or Facebook?

Next up is whether or not the company has a website where customers can leave feedback after completing transactions (good and bad). Lastly, before handing over your money, make sure there is a face to the company. Look for direct contact information – and email address will suffice, but phone numbers would be ideal.

Pro Tip: Go to Google and type the name of the tradeline company, do they have a combination of 50+ positive reviews from Google my Business, Facebook, or Trust Pilot? A legitimate business that does outstanding work for its client should have that many online reviews. Remember to read both the favorable reviews and negative reviews to understand the company’s culture.

2. Do they review your credit factors and offer recommendations based on your credit health?

To offer the right tradelines for you, they first review your credit factors. Why? Because how else would you know which tradelines are best for your unique needs, goals, and financial situation?

Without a credit analysis, you’d be relying on random chance. If a company is offering you tradelines for sale without knowing what your needs are in the first place, that’s like a doctor saying, “just pick any medicine off this shelf.” If the Doctor didn’t first evaluate the cause of your symptoms, the recommendation would be a complete waste of your time and money!

Once the credit analysis is complete, the recommendation should include whether or not you are a good fit for a tradeline. If you are, it should include:

  • which tradeline(s) is best
  • how many tradelines you should get
  • the credit age and limit

However, if you’re not a good fit for a tradeline, they should say so instead of selling you something you don’t need. Bonus points if it’s within their policy to refer you to other credit-related services that may be able to help you fix existing issues first.

Pro tip: Having a couple of late payments will impact your credit score in the short term especially if the late payments were no longer than 30 days late. The older they are the less of an impact on your credit file. However, a high credit utilization ratio (typically >20%) affects your credit score every single month even if you paid off your credit card on time. The moral of the story, keep a low utilization rate and a 100%on time payments at all times starting today.

3. Do they make it very clear what, exactly, it is they guarantee?

Tradelines are a way to beef up your credit profile, but remember that they’re not foolproof. Some people might be scammed by the tradeline company and told their scores are guaranteed to go up when it doesn’t happen.

An easy way to think of tradelines is they are very similar to investing in the stock market. As an advisor would say, “past performance is no guarantee of future returns.” So, if a tradeline company says you’re guaranteed a specific credit score increase, that should be a red flag, and it’s likely a scam.

The best tradeline companies know that they can’t offer you a guarantee your score increases but can guarantee it will report on one or more of the credit bureaus. The tradeline company confirms that your information was accurately entered into the credit card company’s system as an authorized user. You should be able to easily find what they guarantee on their site before buying tradelines for sale.

4. Do they put their promises in a written agreement?

Any company in the tradeline industry where you purchase without an agreement would have to be considered slightly amateurish at best because even though we live in what some might refer to as “The Wild Wild West of Tradelines,” where few regulations exist.

The importance of having a contract with your service provider cannot be overstated. If you don’t have any paperwork, then they are amateurs, and there is no telling what could happen to them or your money if things go sour for one reason or another. You want an agreement that outlines the service provided, refund policy, etc., as well as all other pertinent information on how to cancel (aka notice of cancellation), should this need arise in the future.

5. Do they have a customer verification process?

In today’s society, with so much public information available about every one of us, companies in the financial industry need to take extra precautions to verify your identity.

The process of verifying one’s identity is meant to be rigorous to alert the company’s employees about potential red flags and fraudsters, but at the same time simple for its customers to complete. The verification process is where technology comes in.

Identity verification is not only necessary because it helps keep scammers out of the marketplace and keeps people like you from getting screwed over by them in life-changing ways. But also to protect the integrity of the tradeline marketplace.

With many scams in the financial industry, if a tradeline provider does not verify your identity, they may be doing business with folks who also have fraudulent intentions, and you want to stay away from that!

What’s the best seasoned credit tradeline to get you to your financial goals?

6. Does the company hold your funds in an escrow?

It is essential to know the company you are working with has your best interests in mind. That’s why they need to have your funds in an escrow to protect your funds while the initial service is rendered.

This is the level of accountability this industry needs for services worth hundreds or thousands of dollars!

7. What’s their terms of service [including their refund policy]?

Tradelines for sale don’t always go as planned. So you’ll want to find answers to these questions on their website: do they offer a refund? If so, what is their refund policy?

Suppose for some reason, the tradeline doesn’t report to the credit reporting agencies after about 45-60 days. In that case, a good company will either give you back your money, replace the tradeline, or extend it at no additional cost to ensure that everything reports correctly.

If the tradelines don’t report for some reason, a good company will either offer a refund or try the services again at no additional cost.

Why Should you Buy Tradelines from Us [#1 Highest Rated Company]?

When it comes down to working with an excellent tradeline company, there are two fundamental things to look out for: great reputation and excellent customer service. You need both for the best possible tradeline experience, and we have both at Tradeline Works!

We have the highest rating out of any other tradeline company in the United States and are the leading marketplace in the industry. 

We leverage technology to save you time and money. From offering a tradeline credit analysis so you’ll be well informed before making a buying decision to providing recommendations on the best tradelines based on your credit and financial health, we’ve got it all just for you.

We sometimes know life is unpredictable, and we don’t want you to have any surprises. That’s why we provide clear refund policies on our website so that, no matter what happens with your order, no reporting, it will be easy for you to get a return or replacement.

All of your agreements, including our terms of service and refund policy, are easily viewable on our website as transparency and integrity are core to who we are.

We’re always looking out for our customers!

Pro Tip: Tradelines are different from credit repair. Tradelines for sale can help build a strong credit record especially for people with little to no credit, while credit repair focuses on helping people with a bad credit profile or bad credit score. Most Americans need both. 

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Excellent Service!!! I promise you won’t be disappointed

“Words can’t express how Tradeline Works has help me to achieve my goal I was very nervous about doing a trade-line. When I say they held my hand through the process and made me feel so comfortable they really went above and beyond asking all my questions. I knew with the team it wasn’t about making money it was about her helping me to achieve my goal of buying a house.”

Renee M.
Laurel, MS

VERY helpful, informative, polite, and always prompt in responses to my questions!

“AWESOME! I would recommend using their Tradeline Works services to anyone who needs help increasing credit scores. VERY helpful, informative, polite, and always prompt in responses to my questions. Thank you SO much! I appreciate you!”

Justean A.
Burlington, IA

Up 89 points!!!

“This has been a great experience. I was hesitant at first but as soon as I spoke with Porsha she put my mind at ease. She was patient with me and answer all my questions in great detail. MY credit score went up 89 points in one month and now I can see me reaching my goal of purchasing a home. Thanks Porsha and Tradeline Works team. I’m extremely pleased with your process and would recommend them to anyone.”

Michael G.
Hampton, GA

Thank you!!! My score went ⬆️

“I am very happy! My score went up 31+ points and it should go up more. Porsha is very professional and knows a lot about how the credit system works. I am sooo happy. I can buy my house now! Thank you tradeline works.”

Tina L.
Decatur, GA

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How would you feel if you could accomplish your target score goals in as little as 90 days instead of in several years?

Summary: AU Credit Tradeline for Sale

Many companies offer tradelines for sale, but not all of them live up to your standards when looking at those traits outlined in this post. Get started with a company that treats customers right and puts your best interest first. No other tradeline company does that better than Tradeline Works!

Why wouldn’t you give this strategy a chance?

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