Do Mortgage Tradelines for Sale Really Work?

If you’re trying to own or refinance a home but struggling with a low credit score, I want to give you our #1 tip that we offer to all of my clients about mortgage tradelines for sale!

Your credit score is key to qualifying for the best interest rate and a low down payment. And a tradeline could help boost your score in as little as 90 days!

Hands holding a piggy bank and home indicating a mortgage tradelines for sale.

However, what kind of tradeline actually works? Mortgage tradelines, auto tradelines, credit tradelines? Continue reading to find out.

What is a Tradeline for Sale?

A tradeline is an existing account that adds good credit history to your credit report.

You may have heard that adding yourself as an authorized user to a friend or family member can help boost your credit.

It’s the same concept!

However, not everyone has friends or family with an 800 credit score that’s willing to add you to their credit card.

You probably don’t know that anyone can add you as an authorized user.

There’re people with excellent credit willing to add you to their good credit history temporarily.

When they add you as an authorized user, their good credit history will instantly appear on your credit report, so you wouldn’t have to spend several years building your credit.

Since the card history transfers to your report, it could give you the boost you need to achieve your own homeownership goals.

Do I Need Seasoned Mortgage Tradelines for Sale?

Many primary mortgage tradelines for sale show up as either a closed account, in default, but worse, it’s a stolen identity account. The FICO algorithm rewards people with open tradelines in good standing more than your account mix on your credit file.

Another way to put it is you can see someone with only 4 open credit accounts with a 100% payment history with a score of over 760.

However, another person with 4 credit accounts – a mortgage loan, auto loan, credit card, and personal loan, but without a perfect payment history with a score of 400 to 600s.

So why would you want to buy a mortgage tradeline when it wouldn’t really make a difference? Well, there’s a better way.

What You Should Do Instead of Getting Mortage Tradelines for Sale

The key to increasing your credit is the quality of your accounts on your credit report, not whether it is a primary tradeline or a different mix of accounts.

Here’s an example of someone with only two authorized user accounts and two primary accounts on their credit with a FICO score of over 760. And this is proof of what I’m trying to instill in you. 

An Experian report showing a mortgage tradeline for sale is not needed for a 760+ score
A FICO Experian report shows a 775 credit score without a mortgage on their credit file.

Quality, not quantity, matters.

So instead of getting seasoned mortgage tradelines for sale that may be obtained fraudulently and reports on your credit as closed with little to no impact…

The secret is utilizing authorized user tradelines that report as an open account with 100% payment history and less than 20% utilization.

Purchasing Tradelines from the #1 Rated Among Tradeline Companies!

Most mortgage lenders or real estate agents don’t know this credit score secret, or they would have told you about it by now. 

They’re experts in their fields – in originating a loan or closing a real estate deal but not an expert on credit or tradelines.

If you’re sick and tired of waiting to increase your credit history, then you can buy a tradeline with some decent credit limit to fast-track your progress.

We’ve taken the guesswork from buying seasoned tradelines by guiding you step by step on our online credit tradeline analysis. It only takes about 7 minutes from start to finish and it will be well worth your time.

Getting started is simple! 

  1. Tell us about your goals
  2. Answer a few questions about your credit file
  3. We’ll match you with the 3 best options based on your credit file and budget
  4. Select an option and checkout securely online
  5. Complete your account creation process and upload your IDs

We’ll add you to the card and you’ll get a confirmation email for your records.

Keep in mind that you wouldn’t receive a card in the mail, but we’ll add the tradeline to your credit report, and it will show up in a few weeks.

By improving your credit history, you could start benefiting from the tradeline credit history so you could hopefully get to your goals sooner.

Complete your credit analysis and buy the right tradeline in 5 minutes.

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