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A credit card with a button below to buy tradelines.

$375 per month
***3 months minimum commitment required

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Payment Status100% on-time
UtilizationLess than 20%
Expected Reporting TimelineSep 4th - Sep 14th
Average Reviewer Increase104 points
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  • This Discover tradeline has a strong payment history since 2013 and a $8,300 limit.

Why Buy this Tradeline?

  • If you lack a strong payment history or low utilization, this card can help enhance your credit profile.
  • Fast report cycle.


Customer Reviews

+49 pts Porsha is the best! ★★★★★
Porsha is definitely a God sent. She so patient and attentive is genuinely kind! Even though I didn’t get the house I wanted at first I look forward to what’s in store for me! I will continue to work with her services and refer her to as many people as I can! Thanks again for everything.

+200 pts Tradeline works really works ★★★★★
First off I'd like to thank Porsha for being so helpful. They made the experience alot more comfortable by providing a much more convenient process to improve my credit. Before Tradeline I had alot of unanswered questions and run around and felt like I was getting nowhere. Tradeline works changed all that now I got approved for a $25k at 5.99% personal loan. I have peace of mind because I know financial security can be a reality now

+63 pts Fantastic ★★★★★
By adding age and integrity to the credit score, the TL has fulfilled its purpose. In addition to their personal service, Tradeline adds the benefit of someone who is not trying to upsell you anything, but cares about what you're trying to accomplish.

How to Get a Tradeline

Getting started is easy. You can buy tradelines in 5 simple steps.

01.Complete a Credit Analysis (optional but recommended)

02. Hit the Buy Now Button Above, Checkout and Create a Free Buyers Account

03.Confirm your Registration and Add Your Personal Details

04. Seller Adds You to the Tradeline

05. View Confirmation Screenshot and Practice Excellent Credit Habits

CB Tradeline
Budget Friendly

5 Yrs 11 Mos
Sep 17th - Sep 27th
*Not based on overall average
CB Tradeline
Budget Friendly

5 Yrs 4 Mos
Sep 6th - Sep 16th
*Not based on overall average
CB Tradeline
Budget Friendly

6 Yrs 6 Mos
Sep 6th - Sep 16th
*Not based on overall average